GEO Group Continuum of Care Participants Receive Alumni and Peer Mentoring Guidance Ahead of Community Reentry

Alumni and mentoring services are just two of the many great services designed to support participants in the GEO Continuum of Care program. These services help participants successfully transition back into their local communities. Mentorship is provided to help with substance use and recovery, academic and vocational training, faith and character development, and to both youthful and long-term offenders. Participants are able to learn directly from alumni and mentors regarding the specific challenges one may face when upon reentry and how to plan and prepare for these changes.

To become a Peer Mentor, participants complete trainings in leadership, business etiquette, and presentation in addition to attending weekly meetings and receiving both individual and group cognitive behavioral treatment sessions. Speaking of the alumni and mentorship services at the GEO Continuum of Care, GEO’s Senior Director of Programs Angela Geisinger said:

“A key component of being an alumni member is giving back. Participants are encouraged to attend alumni meetings as part of their reentry programming where they are introduced to other alumni members. Alumni from different states and cultures come together each week to not only support each other but their communities.  Alumni members return to their community as living proof that positive goals can be achieved. We are especially proud of our robust and growing network of alumni and peer mentorship services.”

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