Shasta County’s Day Reporting Center: Facilitating Behavioral Change

In Redding, California, GEO Reentry Services continue to improve lives for returning citizens through  post-release support services. Since 2013, Shasta County’s Day Reporting Center’s (DRC) mission remains the same: to provide cognitive behavioral services that create positive and lasting behavior change.

“It’s very important I feel for everybody to know not to give up on these people because I used to be one of these people. And there’s a life for everybody. They just have, they just need a little help, a little boost to figure out that there is something out there for them.”

Stuart Perry, Shasta DRC Participant

Staff at the DRC work hard to engage their participants by creating a safe and positive atmosphere that nurtures growth and behavioral change. They teach participants the life skills needed in everyday society that aren’t learned by living on the streets. Christopher Coulter, a Shasta DRC participant, explained, “I didn’t know how to be good. I didn’t know where to be good. And they’re kind of just that’s what the steps are about. That’s what the homework is about… I enjoy coming, I keep coming.”

Reentry services remain an essential component for returning citizens in their transition back to society. Hear more from other DRC participants.

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