The GEO-New Life Church Partnership: Committed to Service for Returning Citizens

“Now when we got into understanding the partnership between New Life church, and GEO, the largest organization involved in prison reentry, meaning housing and food services, and all kinds of needs, that they help to supply those who are coming out… I partnered with them (GEO) because I find that they have a clear and, honest motive.”

Bishop Derrick Hutchins, New Life Church

In Orlando, Florida, New Life Church is a place of hope, healing, and devotion to God and the community. Their mission is clear: to be of service to others, especially those incarcerated.

New Life Church and GEO formed a partnership with a mission to lowering the recidivism rate in Florida. Through community engagement and collaboration, we continue to work together and assisting returning citizens throughout their reentry process. “We’re trying to make sure that we offer them (returning citizens) services that will help them to become productive, so they won’t have to return to incarceration, and won’t resort to old habits,” Bishop Hutchins explained. GEO remains steadfast to helping returning citizens and are fortunate to be partners with community leaders like New Life Church.

You can learn more about the partnership and New Life Church’s ministry here:

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