Annual Continuum of Care® Alumni Picnic

The GEO Continuum of Care® Division provides alumni and mentoring services designed to assist participants with a successful return to the community. Alumni Services are available as pre-release and post-release components of reentry programming, establishing a continuum of care that extends to living in society after program completion. 

Alumni members are comprised of former program participants and mentors who have been successful in their return to society. Members voluntarily join the Alumni Services program to mentor current participants and provide support and guidance as individuals develop pro-social skills and support each other pre- and post-release. Participants are encouraged to attend alumni meetings as part of their reentry programming where they are introduced to other alumni members. Alumni from different states and cultures come together each week to not only support each other but their communities.  Alumni members return to facilities as living proof that positive goals can be achieved. 

Each year Alumni from across the country plan and participate in a national picnic. Pre- and Post- release participants worked together to plan the event. GEO Continuum of Care® participants worked with GEO Alumni Services to coordinate events and contests leading up to the picnic in Orlando. Facilities hosted art contests, festivals, and tournaments to promote Alumni and Second Chances. This year’s theme was “GEO Alumni – Getting Everyone on Board” Alumni, staff and pre-release participants also voted on awards that were presented at the Picnic.

GEO Game Changer Eddie Ybarra alumni from Moore Haven Correctional and Rehabilitation facility attended the picnic with his mother and siblings. Eddie was all smiles when he accepted his award and commented on the importance of family. “It is an honor to be here with my family,” Eddie said, pointing at his mom and siblings as he continued to express his gratitude for his GEO family, “it’s great to be part of the GEO family. Having those visits from alumni inspired me and I can’t wait to go back into the facility and uplift all of the future alumni. We are Family. We are GEO.”   

GEO Alumni and staff traveled from Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico, New Jersey, Illinois, and Indiana to celebrate second chances. The event lasted three days and provided participants an opportunity to meet with Second Chance employment and education vendors.  

Ann Schlarb, Senior Vice President and President of GEO Care noted, “we celebrate each of our alumni and recognize them for the unique role they play in transforming lives. Every day they are committed to giving back through powerful, purposeful experiences.”

The following outstanding alumni and staff members were recognized and presented with a GEO Alumni surfboard:

  • Keith Hooper- Life Time Achievement Award
  • Kevin Sabbath-Alumni of the Year
  • Lori Sink-CoC Facility Administrator of the Year
  • Ron Thoreson-Assistant Facility Administrator/Programs of the Year
  • LaTroy Monroe-Transition Case Manager of the Year
  • Larrisha Jackson-Officer of the Year
  • Post Release Case Manager of the Year – Kamilla Timaul and Tony Berrios

The following CoC Alumni were also recognized as Game Changers:

  • Eddie Ybarra
  • Drake Morey
  • Stedmun Anthony
  • Kenneth Williams

The following GEO CoC Staff were recognized as Staff Game Changers:

  • Kim Dachenhausen
  • Jeff Wrigley
  • Donna Jacobs
  • Joe Williams
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