Celebrating Milestones at GEO Reentry Services Ventura County Reporting & Resource Center

“This moment for me, as I address all of you, is one of the proudest moments of my life. I’ve completed a program that required honesty, accountability, acceptance, patience, and understanding, empathy, and a little bit of drive.”

Alexandra D., Program Graduate

Milestones play a significant role to our development and journey. Recently, we got to celebrate with our graduates in Ventura County, California. Each participant worked hard throughout the program. As a result, all of them have made incredible progress to their growth and development. In addition, they have attained a new outlook on their life and are equipped to take on the challenges ahead. Now, some are even inspired to help others.

“From other programs that I have done, I can honestly say that GEO comes from a place of love. They talk with you and not at you. I just want to thank them for the journey and I want to thank them for always being in my corner… GEO always stood by my side.”

Ricardo M., Program Graduate

Throughout the ceremony, several graduates spoke about their experience as to how the programming changed their outlook and are excited for the next stages. Learn more about their experiences in the program below.

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