When Giovanni was sentenced to prison, he knew that he had to make a change. Through strength and fortitude, Giovanni has not only made a change within himself but also helped inspire others to do the same. Now he is helping returning citizens transition back to society by providing post-release services and mentoring services.

From 2006 to 2016, Giovanni Sairras served in South Bay Correctional Facility. During his time, he took courses to become a certified paralegal. He said, “I got enrolled in a paralegal program through Blackstone Career Institute… and learning the laws of this nation gave me a greater appreciation for the law.”

On a daily basis, Giovanni continues to help other returning citizens get back on their feet and transition back to society. He is the Founder of Re-Entry One Inc. His company primarily works with post-release case managers and providing returning citizens with what they need. In addition to providing essentials, Giovanni provides mentoring services as well and help them in their transition. “My job is to mentor returning citizens and to encourage them to change and become a better version of themselves. As a returning citizen myself, I knew what areas to focus on and those areas are food, housing, and clothing. You must have those three essentials met to ensure a smooth transitioning process.”

Hear From Giovanni

I was 21 Years Old
Soul Searching
Attaining an Appreciation for the Law
Becoming a Mentor to Others
You Have to be the Change That You’re Looking for in Others
Starting Re-Entry One
What is Re Entry One?
Partnering with the Best in Reentry
Hard Rock – Come on Out with Re-Entry One
Motivation to Serve Others
Given that Second Chance, We’re Going to Show You Who We Are