Migrant mother Gabriela Hernandez is almost relieved to be in detention after a hellish journey through Mexico

By Leyla Santiago, Khushbu Shah and Rachel Clarke, CNN. Gabriela Hernandez is being held in government detention. Yet, this is the happiest she has been in weeks. Compared to what she and the boys have gone through in the last two months, her current living status — even if under guard — is a relief. Hernandez says she fled her home in Honduras when gangs threatened to kill Omar, her 6-year-old. She sought some safety traveling north through Mexico in the migrant caravan, but it wasn’t easy. The whole family was hungry. Each of them, including a pregnant Hernandez, became sick. They struggled to ride on top of freight trains carrying scrap metal in the blazing sun and frigid nights. They waited days for buses, living off donations from strangers. And when the United States was in sight, they camped in a chilly Tijuana, waiting for the US border post to open.

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