Post-Release Support

The GEO Continuum of Care Post-Release team is located in the GEO Corporate Office in Boca Raton, Florida.

The Corporate Post-Release Case Managers begin coordinating with the on-site facility Transition Case Managers regarding individuals within 90 days of release. An offender transition plan is developed to address the individual’s needs regarding housing, employment training and services, clothing, food, transportation, and aftercare treatment. Various local community organizations are identified as preferred GEO service providers assisting released participants.

Upon participant release, the Post-Release Case Managers maintain ongoing communication regarding their ability to access and progress with respect to housing, transportation, treatment, and employment. Post-Release participants can access the GEO 24/7 Post-Release Call Center for assistance.


During 2017, seven GEO facilities participated in the Post-Release Support Services Program. Obtaining and maintaining employment is one of the biggest factors in reducing recidivism. To the left are the 2017 employment outcomes for the facilities offering post-release support services.