• 1,911 faith-based life skills class completions
  • 353 faith-based substance abuse certificates
  • 197 faith-based dorm graduation certificates

The GEO CoC Division partners with faith- and character-based community groups to provide a strong foundation for individuals to participate in religious opportunities, as well as, to maintain and strengthen family and community ties.

GEO’s faith- and character-based services deliver programming options tailored to meet individual and culturally unique needs of facility populations nationwide. There are approximately 47 different faith preferences represented in GEO facilities, including but not limited to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Wicca, Santeria, and Odinism.

GEO’s Chaplains are accredited and work to recruit, screen, approve, and train local volunteers to teach religious educational classes, facilitate faith-neutral and faith-based life skills programming, lead religious services, mentor, and act as informal spiritual advisors.

Our diligence in applying best practices ensures the opportunity for individuals to practice, assemble, choose religious dietary options, and have access to religion-specific credentialed clergy and spiritual advisors.

GEO has recruited approximately 3,000 community partners and volunteers nationwide to assist in our commitment to faith- and character-based services. As part of our CoC Program, community partners and volunteers work directly with our Post-Release Support Services staff to coordinate aftercare and transitional housing for releasing participants. These partners and volunteers also provide mentorship opportunities for participants that continue upon their release to the community.