Our Principles

GEO’s mission is to develop innovative public-private partnerships with government agencies around the globe that deliver high quality, cost-efficient correctional, detention, and community reentry, and electronic monitoring services while providing industry leading rehabilitation and community reintegration programs to the men and women entrusted to GEO’s care.

Continuum of Care: “Thank You for Giving Me a Second Chance at Life…”
Idaho Governor Brad Little Tours New Connection and Intervention Station
Continuum of Care: “Upon My Release, They Gave Me the Tools…”
“You’ll be ready for a new journey.”- In Prison-Participant
NM Roxanna Jenna Interview

“Participant Smith has been in and out of prison since 1995. With his most recent release in July 2016 he was able to utilize post-release services. He left Graceville with a job, but no form of transportation. His post-release case manager got him monthly bus passes to be able to get to and from his place of employment, and he is currently maintaining this employment. Mr. Smith’s post-release case manager also connected him with a reentry coalition that assisted him with clothing and additional employment opportunities.”

Participant Smith, Graceville

“Participant Jones has been in and out of prison for more than 30 years. With his most recent release in April 2017, he has been able to obtain and maintain employment as well as pay child support. Mr. Jones is grateful for all the support his post-release case manager has given him, stating, “This program has helped me turn my life around, and I am a new man. I could not have done it without your support.”

Participant Jones, Blackwater

““[T]hey gave me my release paper with all kinds of voucher for food and clothes. That I really needed. I even had a food app that was already filled out for me to reserve food stamps every month and all kinds of food banks in my area.” –

Participant Jones, Blackwater

“Thank you for this program, that you all are giving to me at Moore Haven CF the C.O.C. Release Services. It really is a blessing to me for the help that GEO Care is going to help me out with, and I will use it all for the good of my release plan. I want you to know how much of this is going to be a big help.”

Participant Flanders, Moore Haven

Insights with Maria Richard
Insights Interview with Matthew Wirtner

Continuum of Care: Thankful for Second Chances
Douglas Henry
Fernando Lopez

“Struggling with probation violations, multiple convictions and homelessness, I was finally sent to prison. After serving 6 months in country jail and 11 months in prison, I began to rebuild my life.”


Herdy Cassius
Michael Bazemore
Monet Vaughn
Lesmas Caseras, Inmate at GEO South Bay Correctional Facility
Continuum of Care: Changing Behavior, Changing Lives
David Jackson, Inmate at GEO South Bay Correctional Facility
Elmo Golden Former Inmate and Current Post-release Participant, GEO South Bay Correctional Facility
“They wanted me to be a mentor.”- In Prison-Participant
Louisiana: Bridging Inmates to Community Reentry Services
“You’re not inmate Jackson; you’re Mr. Jackson.”- In Prison Participant

“I would like to start off by saying thank you for this program that you are giving to me at Moore Haven Correctional Facility. It is a very good program for the ones that want good out of life, and that want to make it. It is a good start to get back on your feet, and get started with your new life”

Participant Smith, Moore Haven

“I’m a human being here, not just a number.”- In Prison Participant
Oswald Newbold & Amlak-I Foley, Former Inmates & Peer Mentors
Craig Howard
“The skills I learned I can take beyond these walls.” -In Prison-Participant

Participant McCoy started a solid reentry plan with his transition case manager and post-release case manager before leaving the facility, and as a result he moved directly into approved transitional housing. He has also been able to obtain and maintain employment and still voluntarily resides in the transitional housing program.”

Participant McCoy, Bay

“This facility is highly therapeutic.” -CDCR Captain Patrick Kehoe
“We make it as close to reality as possible.” – Staff, Liz Knott
NFL Players empower Juveniles at Geo Groups Abraxas I in PA – Jack Brewer on Fox and Friends