Our Role In Immigration

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Read the CNN Story about migrant mother Gabriela Hernandez:“Gabriela Hernandez is being held in government detention. Yet, this is the happiest she has been in weeks…. ‘I don’t feel like this is a jail, they are very friendly,’ she told CNN on Tuesday. ‘It’s like we’re in a hotel.’”

While there has been some inaccurate speculation regarding our company’s involvement in immigration and border enforcement policies and the separation of families, GEO in fact has no involvement, and has never had any involvement, in any way with the policies in question.

Like all Americans, we’re concerned about the unprecedented humanitarian and security crisis at our Southern border.  While policymakers deliberate on the best way to address this monumental challenge, we will continue to provide the highest standard of humane residential care at all of our facilities.

Our company does not and has never managed facilities that house unaccompanied minors nor has our company ever provided transportation or any other services for that purpose.