1. Giovanni

When Giovanni was sentenced to prison, he knew that he had to make a change. Through strength and fortitude, Giovanni has not only made a change within himself but also helped inspire others to do the same. Now he is helping returning citizens transition back to society by providing post-release services and mentoring services.

2. Kevin

While at Rivers, Kevin participated in the Continuum of Care in order to improve his outlook while acquiring skills that he needed to succeed. Throughout the program, Kevin built relationships with his case managers and fellow ex-offenders. Those relationships provided him with the confidence to succeed outside of prison. Now, he is a chef who specializes in Caribbean food and is proud to have served Clint Eastwood and many other satisfied customers.

3. Kyle

After a couple of years out of prison, Kyle remains driven by a motivation and a passion to grow and improve each day. “As long as I wake up,” he says, “I’ve got blood in my veins and breathe in my lungs, I’m going to make it happen. The right way.” He is a role model to not only his son but mentors those incarcerated as well.