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Myth: Contract facility providers have advocated for stricter immigration enforcement policies and lobbied Congress to enact a detention bed quota.

Fact: Our company’s political and lobbying activities focus on promoting the benefits of public-private partnerships in the delivery of secure residential care in correctional and detention facilities; community reentry and supervision programs; and electronic and location monitoring services, as well as the provision of evidence-based rehabilitation, both in-custody and post-release, through the ‘GEO Continuum of Care®.’ We do not take a position on nor have we ever advocated for or against criminal justice or immigration policies such as whether to criminalize behavior, the length of criminal sentences, or the basis for or length of an individual’s incarceration or detention.

Myth: Contract service providers have contributed to ‘mass incarceration’ by lobbying federal and state lawmakers for tougher prosecution and sentencing policies.

Fact: Only the courts, who carry out state and federal laws, decide who will be incarcerated. Contracted facilities comprised less than 7% (146,000) of the total number of individuals incarcerated (2.2 million) at the federal, state and local levels at year-end 2016, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics; which excludes reentry centers, ICE processing centers and U.S. Marshals detention facilities.