Myth:  Contract correctional service providers do not care about rehabilitation programs because their business model relies on having more people in prison.


Contract correctional service providers have been at the forefront of developing innovative partnerships with government agencies across the United States and overseas.

The ‘GEO Continuum of Care®’ (CoC) integrates enhanced in-custody rehabilitation programs including cognitive behavioral treatment, with post-release support services to address the basic needs of released individuals, including transitional housing, clothing, food, transportation, and job placement assistance. 

Over the last two years alone, ‘GEO Continuum of Care®’ programs have delivered more than 11.1 million hours of rehabilitation programming and have resulted in the award of 4,464 GEDs or High School Equivalency degrees; 15,488 vocational training certifications; and 16,632 substance abuse treatment completions. 

GEO has increased its commitment at the Corporate level with $10 million annually in support of the ‘GEO Continuum of Care®’. The funding provides financial support for numerous CoC demonstration sites, as well as, the CoC Division, with subject matter experts in the areas of academic, vocational training and substance abuse programs; specialized training and research; and a dedicated post-release department with post release case managers and a 24/7 Call Center. 

In January 2018, GEO received the “Innovation in Corrections” Award at the American Correctional Association (ACA) Conference in Orlando, Florida, regarding its ‘GEO Continuum of Care®’ program at the Graceville Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility in Florida.