Model Facilities

Our outcomes highlight recidivism reductions, disciplinary reports, and grievances at two Continuum of Care demonstration
sites: Graceville Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility in Jackson County, FL and Riverbend Correctional Facility in Milledgeville, GA.

  • Both facilities have implemented Continuum of Care programming long enough to calculate 24-month recidivism rates, and the
    data shows significant reductions in returns to prison
  • Continuum of Care programming provides offenders up to 18 hours of individualized cognitive behavioral treatment above what
    prisons are contracted to provide
  • There is evidence of the positive impact that enhanced programming and staff development has on key disciplinary and grievance measures



Extending the recidivism measurement time from 12 to 24 months, we saw a decline of 16%.

Within 24 months of release, 31.2% of those released during the 2015 calendar year returned to a Georgia prison.

After implementation of the CoC Program, the 24-month return rates decreased to 26.2% for those released during the 2016 calendar year.




The Graceville Correctional Facility CoC program was fully implemented in July 2016. The Graceville recidivism figure to the right shows an offender return rate decline of 23%. Prior to the CoC Program, 14.9% of those released returned to a Florida prison within 12 months. Following the implementation of the CoC Program, return rates decreased to 11.4% for those released between 2015 and 2016. This indicates a 23% reduction in recidivism.