GEO is dedicated to providing evidence-based treatment. Substance abuse programming focuses on exploring pathways to substance abuse and is addressed through a trauma-informed treatment model.

Programming is individualized and provides a seamless transition to aftercare treatment upon release. Individualized treatment plans, developed with staff, consist of a comprehensive set of tools and strategies that address the participant’s identifiable strengths and challenges. The treatment plan outlines an approach for sequencing resources and activities and identifying benchmarks of progress.

Treatment interventions address the triggers that lead to substance-abusing behaviors. They focus on life balance and the development of positive outcomes through alternative behaviors. Problem solving skills and relapse prevention are also addressed in treatment.

Aftercare planning occurs during the final treatment phases to connect participants with community resources upon release.

2019 Highlights

  • 18,038 average daily substance abuse attendance
  • 8,767 participants completed substance abuse programming
  • 17,000 treatment plan reviews completed

“GEO helped me identify that I was infected by the disease of addiction and gave me the tools that I would need to combat my disease. More importantly, I learned how to utilize those tools, and now I help those suffering with the same disease. Together, we are our cure.”

-Nalio A., former Continuum of Care participant at Moore Haven Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility

Watch Nalio discuss his journey here.