This spring Kyle has been out of prison for a year. Today he works multiple jobs and is focused on raising his teenage son. “As long as I wake up,” he says, “I’ve got blood in my veins and breathe in my lungs, I’m going to make it happen. The right way.”

But it wasn’t always this way. When Kyle was 17 he made a few bad decisions explaining, “I was getting more care from bad friends than from my own family. I felt like I didn’t have anyone else on my team.” This led to a series of incarcerations, the last of which was GEO’s Riverbend Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility in Georgia.

Kyle says that Riverbend gave him the instruction, positive relationships and confidence to say goodbye to prison forever – though he did return once, to mentor those still behind bars, and he looks forward to doing so again.

Hear From Kyle

Growing Up in Commerce, Georgia
Hanging With the Wrong Crowd
Addicted to Making Fast Money
Returning to Prison
Unjust Judicial System
On the Outside Time Goes On Without You
The Conversation that Changed My Life
Making A Change
Signing Up for the Continuum of Care
Determination and Help from GEO
Classes at Riverbend
Preparing for Life Outside of Prison
First Job I’m Ready to Work
Earning Respect from Family
“I don’t know the word ‘no’”
Returning to Riverbend to Mentor Prisoners
Job discrimination “Can you give me a chance?”
No Matter What’s Going On, I’m Still Free
My Emmy: Winning the Spotlight Award