Kevin grew up in Columbus, Georgia. He was very close to his mother and enjoyed playing football, but he fell into the wrong crowd and spent years in several prisons.

Eventually, Kevin joined GEO’s Continuum of Care program while at the Riverbend Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility in Milledgeville Georgia where he participated in Faith Based programming, Thinking for A Change, Motivation to Change, and computer classes.

Beyond these vocational skills, Kevin credits the relationships he formed with case managers and fellow ex-offenders that gave him the confidence to succeed outside of prison.

Today Kevin is a chef specializing in Caribbean food and proud of having served Clint Eastwood and many other satisfied customers.

Hear From Kevin

I Was Getting a Lot of Bad Insight
The Wrong Crowd
Dealing with Racism
How to Keep People from Returning to Prison
Losing Mom
Something’s Gotta Change
Father Figure in Prison
Riverbend Was Different
Y’all Changed My Life
Post-Release Support
Cooking for Clint Eastwood
Alumni Brothers
Going Back to Prison as a Free Man
Peaceful Protests