“When I got to South Bay, I was shocked. “Wow. Good afternoon, sir. How are you doing?” I am looking around like who you are talking to. It was the officer asking me… That experience alone called me to do better for myself. I needed that.”

Elmo Golden, Founder of Dignity Speaks

Elmo Golden served at the South Bay, Florida for 17 years. He wanted to make a change and participated in the Continuum of Care in order to achieve his goal.  Through participating in the CoC, he completed college courses, and work with case managers with his reentry.  It helped. In Inside Sources, he wrote, “After 17 years in prison, I would not be where I am today without the help I got, both inside and outside, from the people at GEO. They had a culture of family that eventually helped me find a family of my own.”

That experience continues to influence Elmo. He is a living testimony and model for change. He continues to inspire others through sharing his experience and working with those incarcerated. He is the founder of Dignity Speak, a practical faith and character based mentoring program that allows participants to understand the power of good communication and leadership skills. The goal: to help returning citizens.