Setting the Record Straight: The GEO Group’s Services to the Federal Government

The GEO Group On-The-Record Statement

The GEO Group does not manage facilities that house unaccompanied minors, including those who may have been separated from their parents or legal guardians, nor does the company manage any facilities or provide any services for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

For over three decades, The GEO Group has managed special-purpose Processing Centers on behalf of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (and its predecessor agency) providing services exclusively for adults in the care of federal immigration authorities. Additionally, the company has managed the Karnes Family Residential Center, which has cared exclusively for parents together with their children, since 2014.

The facilities, programs and services at the Karnes Family Residential Center are specifically developed to provide a safe and humane environment for those in our care. This includes educational programming, around-the-clock quality medical care, a range of recreational options, and visitation facilities. Following intake, all residents are provided with six sets of non-institutional clothing and receive a medical examination. All residents of school age are offered educational services through a certified charter school.

Other features at the Karnes Family Residential Center include state-of-the-art smart-boards for classroom instruction, a library, activity games, multipurpose rooms for social activities, laundry facilities and food services catered to the residents’ local cuisine. Unlimited access to fruit, snacks, drinks, and infant formula is provided at all times. Recreational options at the Karnes Family Residential Center include an indoor gymnasium, artificial turf soccer fields, covered pavilion playgrounds, and picnic areas. Each room is equipped with bathroom and shower facilities, individual flat-screen TVs, and microwaves.

On a daily basis, the dedicated employees of The GEO Group deliver high quality services, including around-the clock medical care, that comply with performance-based standards set by the federal government and adhere to guidelines set by leading third-party accreditation agencies. The company’s employees are proud of our record in managing ICE Processing Centers with high-quality, culturally responsive services in safe and humane environments. Members of The Geo Group team strive to treat all those entrusted to our care with compassion, dignity, and respect.

As a three-decade long service provider to the federal government, The GEO Group’s focus has always been and remains on providing high quality services that meet or exceed the strict standards set by the federal government, and the company plays absolutely no role in passing, setting, or advocating for or against immigration laws and policies.

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