Fourth Reentry Center Opened Idaho to Improve Participants’ “Foundational Stability”

In December GEO Reentry Services opened a Connection and Intervention Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The Idaho State Journal reported that, “the center is part of a new program aimed at reducing recidivism among former inmates returning to the community. Three similar centers have opened in other communities across the state, including Boise, Coeur d’Alene and Twin Falls.”

The four centers are non-residential and provide individualized, assessment and evidence-based programming for high-risk or non-compliant people supervised by IDOC. Participants are referred to the centers by their supervising officers, and behavior change plans are developed to meet individual participant’s needs.

The effort is part of a collaboration  as explained by the Idaho State Journal: “IDOC and the District 7 Probation & Parole Office have made efforts in recent years to reduce recidivism rates in order to reduce costs associated with long-term incarceration, efforts that have accelerated as the COVID-19 pandemic has made it dangerous for inmates to be incarcerated closely together.”

“We’re looking at their foundational stability (in the community) and anything that would affect their stability,” said Socorro White, program manager for the center.

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