Attending Liberty University’s Business Summit and Why Community Matters for Returning Citizens

In our never-ending mission to lower recidivism, we are working toward improving our communities. In August, we attended Liberty University’s Empowering the Kingdom through Business Summit to share our message with CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Our message was simple: returning citizens deserve a second chance. It is through our faith, hope, and perseverance that we can come together, as a community, and solve this issue. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to have returning citizens share their stories and explain why leadership and faith are important to helping others, especially those who are returning to society.

In addition, we got to sit down with the founder and CEO of Hope For Prisoners Jon Ponder, a partner organization for GEO.  Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Hope for Prisoners provides reentry services to returning citizens. Their services and partnerships continue to play a role in improving the safety of our communities. We got to sit down with Jon and HFP’s Program Manager Adam Clausen. You can learn more about their story here.

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