Vann Hembree: Preparing for My Return

Vann Hembree served his time in GEO’s Central Arizona Correctional Facility. Before finishing his time, he joined the Continuum of Care (CoC) to help prepare for his reentry back into society. Ultimately, his return home. He sat down with us to share his experience while in the Continuum of Care and as he prepares for his return home.

He acknowledged that planning for a successful reentry is essential and requires help in order to overcome certain challenges from returning to society. As a result, he joined the CoC because he believes it was important to create a plan. He said, “It’s (the Continuum of Care) been entirely about moving from the prison out into the society… It is a whole another thing to go back out and into society… You need a help up sometimes.”

You can learn more about Van’s story here.

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