Jack Brewer: Tackling Recidivism

“Families across America have had to face the realities of criminal justice, of social justice, and the realities of a lie that many tell that men are not needed in the home. You are 20 times more likely to go to prison if you are fatherless.”

Jack Brewer, TEDxWaterStreet

Recently, Jack Brewer presented at TEDxWaterStreet discussing why we need to focus on our most vulnerable populations, those incarcerated, and why it is important to focus on lowering the recidivism rate, the likelihood an offender would reoffend again.

Jack Brewer focused his discussion on the importance of rehabilitation and reentry programing for those incarcerated and must be our objective. He explained, “Equipping formerly incarcerated individuals with the tools they need to successfully reenter society must be a top priority for all Americans.” That is one solution to reducing the recidivism rate.

Jack Brewer was joined by fellow returning citizens Kevin Sabbat, Dakota Jones, and Elmo Golden. They shared their stories from when they were in prison and found the motivation to make that change and how they have taken that second chance to help those incarcerated.

Watch the full panel here:

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