Celebrating Milestones in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

“I’ve been on the bench for last 11 years, basically doing criminal. And I put a lot of people into this program, I truly believe in the program. It’s a way for them to change their life.”

Honorable Michael T. Vough, President Judge, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

Milestones play a significant role to our development. Recently, we got to celebrate with our graduates in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Each participant worked hard throughout the program. As a result, all of them have made incredible progress to their growth and development. In addition, they have attained a new outlook on their life and are equipped to take on the challenges ahead. Now, some are even inspired to help others.

“Not three years ago, I was in a tough situation, I didn’t have anything… Today, I am graduating off a program that I never thought was going to be possible without the structure that I got today. I want to be a drug and alcohol counselor. I’ve been through trauma I’ve been through everything that I can imagine, I think that my type of career could actually benefit.”

Kayla, a graduate

Throughout the ceremony, several graduates spoke about their experience as to how the programming changed their outlook and are excited for the next stages. Learn more about their experiences in the program below.

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