Jeffrey Bennett: The CoC Helped Me Move Forward in My Life

The Continuum of Care (CoC) continues to shape and improve lives. When Jeff Bennett transferred to GEO’s South Bay Correctional Facility, he wanted to maximize his remaining time toward improving himself as well as preparing for reentry. The South Bay staff recognized his motivation and enrolled him immediately into the CoC. We sat down with Jeffrey at the CoC Alumni Picnic to discuss his experience and what he has been up to since his release.

Jeffrey took advantage of the program’s coursework as well as helped him build a relationship with his post-release caseworker. His commitment to grow opened him to new experiences. He explained,

“The COC program for me has helped me move forward in my life. Without that program, there’s no way that I would be where I’m at today. The fact that I didn’t have to worry about somewhere to lay my head, the fact that they helped me build my resumes… the fact that there’s people there that are willing to help us, and give us a second chance so we don’t have to go back and live that life again, it’s just a true blessing. And those people are there for us everyday.”

Today, he is working as a service technician and looking toward a brighter future. You can learn more about Jeffrey’s story here:

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