Wayne Murray: All Those Programs Helped Me Today

Wayne Murray felt lost until he transferred to Moore Haven. He found his way back and changed his outlook on life through joining the Continuum of Care. We caught up with Wayne at GEO’s annual CoC Alumni Picnic to discuss his experience.

Wayne transferred to Moore Haven at the start of the CoC program. He was motivated to join because of the program’s offerings.  He explained, “Then they started this new program for pre-release, CoC. That caught me off guard because I guess I never really thought about, you know, kind of preparing for getting out.” Throughout the program, he found support and benefitted from the courses. It expanded his outlook. “Doing time is hard but it how you do your time… I really believe that all those programs helped me today. I have three businesses that I do. I’m here to support guys that are still in there that are ready to get out that are doing this program.”

Since getting out of prison, Wayne has started multiple businesses as well as hiring other returning citizens. You can learn more about Wayne’s story here.

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