Chad Weiner How the CoC Helped Prepare Me for My Reentry

When Chad arrived at Moore Haven, he was amazed by both the treatment and the coursework that was available to him. He said, “They treat you better in a GEO setting. It’s much more respectful. They treat you as humanely as they possibly can.” Shortly after arriving, he joined the Continuum of Care Program and completed almost every courses. Those courses inspired Chad, allowed him to change his mindset, and renewed his outlook on life as well as his relationships.

Following his release, as a returning citizen, Chad found support from his post-release case managers, friends, and family. To him, having that network helped ease his transition back to society. He explained, “So when I came out, I just hit the ground running immediately. Like I knew I was going to do good as soon as I got out… You know that it’s not so bad out there and- and if you need anything, I have the resources… So it is nice to somebody in your corner.”

Today, Chad lives in St. Petersburg and works in construction as well as continues to build new relationships.

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