Eddie Ybarra: “GEO was for Me Because I Wanted to Change”

“GEO was for me because I wanted to change. And they’ve (GEO) got the programs there for you to change if you want it. They’ve got staff members there to help you out if you want it.”

Eddie Ybarra, Returned Citizen, Continuum of Care participant

‘The Continuum of Care (CoC) continues to shape and improve lives. When Eddie arrived at Moorehaven, he learned about the Continuum of Care and the positive impact it had on other participants. He joined the program immediately and it helped.

Eddie’s motivation to change was simple: to be a mentor to his family. He said, “I see myself being a mentor to my nieces and nephews and little cousins. I want to show them through my actions that I am here for them because being a mentor is very important.” Since his release, he is facilitating what he learned to help inspire his family.

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