Kevin Sabbath: A Returning Citizen Helping Returning Citizens

Kevin Sabbath

The Continuum of Care’s programming assists and inspires returning citizens. Kevin Sabbath joined the Continuum of Care to acquire the skills that would help him throughout his transition back to society. Kevin said, “I applied myself. Three months of free housing… that was enough for me to get on my feet. It (Continuum of Care) is more successful than, you know, presenting a person with $50 in a bus ticket.”

Today, Kevin started the Greater Hope Community Development Inc. It is a nonprofit aimed at helping returning citizens with various services including financial literacy, housing, entrepreneurship, etc. Kevin’s decision to give back and help returning citizens was simple. He explained:

“To guide people in the right direction and be that supporting factor for them like GEO was for me when I came out of prison. The Continuum of Care program was very vital and I’m a product of that.”

We are proud to work alongside an incredible leader. Learn more about Kevin’s story here:

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