Jack Brewer: The Power of Faith and Second Chances

“Whenever you have a generational curse of where your father is going to prison or your father’s father is going to prison, many of those prisoners’ dads were imprisoned and some of those kids are heading there… The only way to heal that is through the Father and the Spirit.”

Jack Brewer, The Jack Brewer Foundation

Last week, Jack Brewer shared his mission to help and prepare former prisoners transition back into society through faith, programming, and service. Fox and Friends’ Rachel Campos Duffy joined Jack for an eye opening tour at the Serving Ministries Residential Center and the Second Chance Center at GEO’s South Bay facility. For Jack, his faith and passion drives him to help others, especially those incarcerated. He explains, “The only way that I can do what I am doing is through the power of God because I have faith and I believe… I see a miracle every time I step into a prison.”

Throughout the visit, Duffy witnessed the power of faith, compassion, and rehabilitation programs in transforming lives at South Bay. The community amazed her. She explained, “I didn’t expect to feel the Holy Spirit more in here than I often do out there.”

You can watch the full segment here.

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