Opinion Editorial in The Sun Sentinel Sets the Record Straight on Florida’s Private Prison Facilities

A recent op-ed in The Sun Sentinel by Gerard S. Williams highlights efforts of the GEO Group’s South Florida branch. Mr. Williams is a former prosecutor of Broward County, FL and currently serves as a criminal defense attorney. Mr. Williams highlights from first-hand experience how individuals prefer to be placed in privately-run GEO Group facilities for their exceptional educational programs, dining options, and access to resources.

 Mr. Williams goes on to applaud the excellent service he experienced at privately run facilities, noting staff are “polite and professional.” According to Mr. Williams, private prisons in Florida are imperative in supporting the state’s high incarceration rates and are invaluable in helping house inmates.

The piece goes on to highlight how private prison facilities have made a positive difference in reducing recidivism and supporting returning citizens in coming back to their everyday lives. Read more here.

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