Dakota Jones: A Game Changer

In April 2021, the GEO Group presented the GEO Game Changer Award to Arizona’s Dakota Jones. The GEO Game Changer Award honors individuals who are committed to changing behavior and changing lives. Dakota Jones told us he had one goal: “I wanted to better myself.” 

Recently, Dakota Jones published an op-ed to the Arizona Capitol Times on his reentry experience and was able to share his thoughts and talk about the importance and impact of having a support group. “If you haven’t spent time in prison, it is difficult to understand that it can be a challenge to meet basic needs at first.”

“I know that I have changed. I am better at handling myself. I am more equipped to think, adapt, and overcome difficulties, and my decision-making process has changed for the better. My goal going forward is just to be a better person to society, to stay positive and participate positively as a citizen. I am reaching higher and farther to be a better person because I had previously spent time in a place where I didn’t want to be, and it wasn’t doing me any good and it wasn’t doing society any good.”  

You can read his story here.

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