Giovanni Sairras: Continuing to Make a Change in the Community

When Giovanni was sentenced to prison, he knew that he had to make a change. Through strength and fortitude, Giovanni has not only made a change within himself but also helped inspire others to do the same. Now he is helping returning citizens transition back to society by providing post-release services and mentoring services.

As the Founder of Re-Entry One, Giovanni primarily works with post-release case managers and returning in providing services. Services included clothes, food, hygiene products, healthcare, electronics, has expanded to include other services so that they can get the assistance they require.

“It’s just a fulfillment from seeing those wide smiles on their faces… Because of what we do, we are inspiring so many people and now we have the family members are becoming part of our volunteer base… Those awesome deeds are just what keeps me going. There is nothing greater than that.”

Giovanni’s story and work is an inspirational. His motivation and passion to serve others not only helps returning citizens but his community as well.

Check out the page to learn more about Giovanni’s story as well as the incredible work that Re-Entry One does with helping returning citizens.

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